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Rendering from the seating area at the Wilhelm Alexander Humboldt Forum

Restaurant concepts “WILHELM” and “ALEXANDER” at the Humboldt Forum Berlin.

The two restaurant concepts are the aim of meeting the diverse expectations of museum guests, as well as the demands of fine dining.

The concept “Bread & Bowls” in the restaurant ALEXANDERis specially created for this purpose. Bread stands for the universal idea of giving a meal (meat, cheese, vegetables, etc.) in a baguette, on a slice of bread or between tortilla. This is intended as Grab & Go or for consumption In House. An equally universal idea understandable to visitors from all over the world is the Bowl, the bowl that will contain classic dishes from all five continents.

While in Alexander we explicitly reflect the cosmopolitanism, the restaurant WILHELM is dedicated to the history of the place as both royal Prussian castle, baroque castle, imperial-German residence. Here we aim for a significantly higher length of stay of the guests. In order to take up the spirit of the house and create a long-lasting trend, we create dishes and menus in French-German tradition. Accompanied by a corresponding wine list, focused on Germany and France.

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