Latest news about the Kanne Group and its brands
Hero Coffee Label for Kannelloni Vienna
22 Jul: Kanne Group thanks with 2,000 hero coffees

The Kanne Group thanks the staff at Hannover Medical School and the Vienna North Hospital

Rendering Humboldt Forum Berlin View to the wine refrigerator
22 Jun: Construction work at the Humboldt Forum is in full swing

Despite the Corona crisis, the planned construction work for the two restaurant concepts of the Kanne Group, “WILHELM” and “ALEXANDER” in the Humboldt Forum, is proceeding according to plan.

Beach Hotel Kurhaus Juist Front View
11 May: Kanne Group takes over the “White Castle by the Sea” with partner

On 26 March 2020, Kanne Group, together with AME Beteiligungs- und Beratungs GmbH, took over the operational business of the Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist. Built in 1898 in the style of the Grand Hotels of that time, the listed hotel was renovated in 1998.

Henrik Kanne-Hunfeld next to the Dispensoo disinfectant dispenser
30 Apr: That’s why the Kanne-Group in Heede is getting employees out of short-time work

As the operator of numerous hotels and restaurants, the Kanne Group from Heede is heavily affected by the Corona pandemic. Now some of the 200 or so employees are being taken out of short-time work. With a partner from Aachen, the group has developed a large disinfection dispenser, which is now being sold nationwide.

Kannelloni Heede Delivery Vehicle
26 Mar: Kannelloni Delivery Service

In addition to the pre-existing pick-up card, the Kannelloni in Heede now also delivers.

Kannelloni booth in Uetrecht
06 Feb: Kannelloni enters the Dutch market

Article about Kannelloni Food Market at the fair in Uetrecht, published on

Wall with Kannelloni logo at Kannelloni in Vienna
12 Jul: First Kannelloni in Austria

The Kanne Group has succeeded in opening its first location in Austria with its upmarket catering concept for hospitals, the Kannelloni.

Rendering Humboldt Forum Berlin
03 Jan: Kanne Group prevails against competitors

It is one of the best known and most prestigious construction projects in Europe: The reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace, which will house the Humboldt Forum in the future.

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