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From numbers, creativity, and the real business

My journey through the dual business administration studies Imagine hitting two birds with one stone: studying and gaining work experience at the same time. That’s exactly what I’m doing in my dual business administration studies. It’s like a road trip through the landscape of business administration, with stops in various departments. My route has taken me from financial accounting to marketing, while the human resources office and corporate management are still marked on the map. 

Financial Accounting: My first stop was financial accounting. Think of it as the foundation of a house, except here it’s all about numbers. It was a deep dive into the world of finance, where I learned how crucial accurate numbers are for a company. From balance sheets to debt collection – it was the ultimate test of my attention to detail. Financial accounting showed me how everything in business is interconnected, and that without a solid financial foundation, nothing lasts long.

Marketing: Now I’m in marketing, and the vibe is completely different. Here, creativity is king, and it’s all about making the brand as cool and appealing as possible. I’m learning how to turn ideas into campaigns that truly reach and inspire people. Every day brings something new, and it’s exciting to see how strategic thinking and creative freedom work hand in hand to propel our brand forward.

Human Resources Office and Corporate Management: Although I haven’t been to the human resources office and corporate management yet, I’m super excited to see what awaits me there. In the human resources office, it will likely be all about the most important aspect of a company – its people. I look forward to learning how to build and maintain a strong team.

And then there’s corporate management – that will be the look behind the curtain, where all strategic decisions are made. I can’t wait to see how the big players think and act to steer the ship through the stormy waters of the market.

In conclusion: This journey through my dual studies is more than just an educational path – it’s a life experience. Each department opens up a new perspective on what it means to be in business, shaping me not only as a student but also as a future professional. I am ready for the next stages and all the lessons they will bring, and of course, super excited for what’s to come! 

By: Marie Brake, 2nd Semester, Dual Business Administration Studies

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