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The Taste of New Beginning

A blog from a Kannelloni Filipino trainee about her view and current experiences on starting an education in Germany.

It‘s always fun to try new things; new cities that comes with unfamiliar restaurants; new drinks and foods to try. There‘s always the excitement of how will it taste but, there also comes the fear of thinking that it might taste bad or maybe it‘s not worth it. On the other hand, we still go for it because the excitement of trying out new things and curiosity overcomes the fear of doubt. 

Eating in a new restaurant is like being in a new country. I would like to think of this with my current journey as a Filipino trainee in Germany. It is like trying a new restaurant with unfamiliar menu. The different dishes in the menu is like my unfamiliarity with the culture and environment. There‘s the feeling of fear that I might not be ordering the right things, or should I say, not knowing the things that I‘ll be doing in this restaurant. There‘s the doubt that I might not be able to enjoy the dishes that I‘m eating throughout the time that I‘m in this restaurant. 

Nevertheless, I still pursued. The fear that I felt was defeated by the excitement in my heart that if I don‘t try it, I wouldn’t be able to find out how would it turn out; or in this context of trying our a new restaurant that we’re talking, I wouldn’t be able to tell if the restaurant is good if I don’t try it. Above all, you won‘t try something that doesn’t look interesting, right? 

So, we‘ve come to the part that I‘ve entered the restaurant. I‘m here; and guess what? I‘m currently indulging with the taste of new flavours, flavours I‘m not familiar with but, I‘m enjoying the unfamiliar tastes it brings. 

You‘re probably wondering how does the „Taste of New Beginning“ taste like but, the truth is; it‘s gonna taste different for everyone of us. It depends on which restaurant you pick. It varies every time we decide to enter a new restaurant to try. But one thing is for sure, you‘re gonna enjoy the taste of every new beginnings if you choose something with interest and let your excitement overcome fears and doubts. 

The excitement to try new flavours will make the taste of your new beginning to satisfy your curiosity and cravings for the start of a new beginning (or trying out a new restaurant). 

I‘m a gastronomy trainee and I can say that I‘m happy with the current restaurant that I‘m in. I chose a great restaurant to try new flavours with. 

By: Hour Rivera, 2. Lehrjahr, Fachkraft für Restaurant- und Veranstaltungsmanagement

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