After almost half a year at the Kanne Group, you still can’t say you’ve seen all the areas. The Kanne Group is versatile and every day I get to know new things and areas. Every now and then, I get to know one or two companies that I didn’t even know existed.

I’m having a lot of fun in my apprenticeship and in this short six months I’ve not only survived my probationary period, but I’ve also learned a lot and have really integrated into the team. As an e-commerce clerk, I have to go through the orders from the Kanne roastery every day and pass them on to our packer. I also get to take care of the roastery’s customer support and generally help manage the online shop. I am also in direct contact with our roast master every day, and together with the entire marketing department, we are always coming up with new ideas on how we can best market our coffee.

In addition to my work for the roastery and the online shop, I am also responsible for general advertising measures and marketing strategies within the Kanne Group. For example, I’ve already been allowed to create flyers for the Kannelloni and help with the briefing for the menu of the new Charlie Drys. I am particularly proud when I think of things on my own initiative and they are then implemented. In general, the team and the atmosphere among the colleagues are great, so you are happy to see your colleagues every day.

Apart from my time at work, I also have to go to the BBS in Papenburg twice a week. There I go to the specially designed e-commerce class. There are only five of us in my class so far. This is because the training profession is very young and therefore not yet very widespread.

In class, you learn not only the commercial part, for example accounting, but also the e-commerce part. In this part, you learn how to set up an online shop from scratch and also what legal things you have to pay attention to, such as the imprint. Customer support and article maintenance are also important parts of the course.

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