Hi! 😊
My name is Franzi and I like to draw, especially digitally.
In the Kanne Group I have been the trainee in e-commerce since August.

I’ve always had an affinity for marketing and spent nearly my entire school days drawing and designing posters or pictures. That has always been my big hobby and will certainly remain so.

After several internships and taster days with various media designers, I found out that I don’t like pure design as a profession. After a few more insights into office management, I realized that I enjoy it, but it’s still not the right thing to do.

In the spring I heard about the training “Businesswoman in E-Commerce”: This could be something for me!

As a businesswoman in e-commerce, I am not only responsible for online commerce, but also for marketing campaigns and strategies. You also have points of contact with IT when homepages and online shops are set up and designed.

Just as important is the handling of invoices and delivery notes, as well as contact with customers in general.

You are practically the interface of purchasing, advertising, logistics, accounting and IT.

I particularly enjoy the field of advertising, having worked the most in the last few weeks. I designed flyers with selected programs in Adobe, took care of our social media channels and even shot videos for the can roastery TikTok.

I am already looking forward to the next varied weeks, because despite the high speed it is always fun with us in marketing.

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