First of all, I would like to introduce myself:
I am Olga Enshin, I am 19 years old and am here at Kanne Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG training as a clerk for office management. Through these blog entries you will be able to follow our hopefully successful, trainee life.

Of course, I already had a few concerns, new surroundings, new people, new working environment… “And I’m supposed to do it all on my own?” The answer is simple: No! Everyone had their own contact persons for this. Many questions have been raised, but they have always been answered with a happy and comprehensible answer.

And yet, of course, apprenticeship years are not men’s years. Everyone knows this saying. So far I have been over 1 1/2 months behind me and yes, when I go to the bank to deposit money, so-called “message trips” are part of it 😀 This naturally fulfilled the typical trainee clichés and my friends had something to laugh about.

But even though I’m only so short, I can take on my own small responsibilities, such as going to the phone and forwarding them to the appropriate people. And if I then, without asking, know to whom exactly this call has to be forwarded, I experience every time small success experiences. Or to drive to the bank on your own.

The trust and confidence of my colleagues increases my motivation from day to day.

I am grateful that I was so warmly received into the team and above all super accompanied and informed.

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