That’s why the Kanne-Group in Heede is getting employees out of short-time work

Behind the “Dispensoo”, a disinfection dispenser for mass application, are Henrik Kanne (photo) from the Kanne Group in Heede and Timm Kasischke from KP Innovations GmbH.

As the operator of numerous hotels and restaurants, the Kanne Group from Heede is heavily affected by the Corona pandemic. Now some of the 200 or so employees are being taken out of short-time work. With a partner from Aachen, the group has developed a large disinfection dispenser, which is now being sold nationwide.

The team of the Kanne-Group from Heede is about 200 heads strong. From there, around 70 locations in the areas of gastronomy, the hotel industry, coffee roastery, real estate management and planning are managed and managed nationwide. “A large proportion of the employees have been on short-time work since mid-March,” says Henrik Kanne, son of the company owner and founder Hermann Kanne. Although a delivery service could be set up for restaurants such as the Kannelloni on The Autobahn 31, some business travelers still stay in the hotels, but these activities are far from being able to take advantage of the employees.

Now the Kanne family was able to get some employees back from the short-time work. Together with Timm Kasischke, an inventor and mechanical engineer from Aachen and owner of KP Innovations GmbH, Kanne has developed a disinfection dispenser for “mass application”. Up to 45 liters of disinfectant (nine bags of 5 liters each) can be filled into the device, and at a delivery quantity of three milliliters, as recommended by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the device must be refilled after 15,000 applications. “Between idea and series production, there were only about six weeks. When you present such an idea to a major medical technology manufacturer, six months pass quickly,” says Kasischke, who had set a focus in medical technology during his studies, from experience.

TÜV hired employees only for this project

There are several reasons why things went much faster this time. In fact, the device is an automatic cocktail mixer that mixes a fresh cocktail withfruit juices and alcoholic beverages at large concerts, for example, within a few seconds. The Kanne-Group has purchased the cocktail mixer for several hotels and bars in recent years, so Timm Kasischke and Henrik Kanne also knew each other. In short, behind the “Dispensoo”, as Kanne and Kasischke christened the disinfectant dispenser, is essentially the “cocktail box”. “For the necessary refurbishment work, TÜV has hired us as a specially staff member, because they have recognized how important a disinfection dispenser is in corona times,” explains the developer. Safety is extremely important, since high-percentage alcohol, which is made up of the disinfectants, is easily flammable. In addition, the device must be protected from theft and vandalism. It works non-contact via infrared.

In the meantime, the “Dispensoo” is ready for series production. Kanne and Kasischke have commissioned 1000 pieces from several small companies, such as carpentry and trade fair builders. “We also secure jobs there or prevent short-time working,” says Henrik Kanne, who with his team takes over sales, delivery within Germany and neighbouring countries and “branding”, i.e. individual labelling. For example, his employees have designed the website In the meantime, Kanne was able to get about 30 employees out of short-time work, and more are expected to follow in the short term. Because the Heeder is sure that it will not stay with 1000 manufactured devices. According to Kanne, several food chain stores have already shown interest in the “Dispensoo”.

High manufacturing and distribution costs

The district of Emsland and Meyer Werft were among the first customers to receive a device. With about 2500 euros per device for individual acceptance, including an initial equipment with disinfectants, the disinfection dispenser is not for the private household or one-man retailers, but there are no thousands of disinfections in a short time. “And when social institutions ask us, there is a reduced, individual price anyway,” promises Henrik Kanne, who also points to the high production, development and distribution costs. The “Dispensoo” is produced exclusively in Germany.


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