Kanne Group prevails against competitors

It is one of the best known and most prestigious construction projects in Europe: The reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace, which will house the Humboldt Forum in the future.

In this unique museum there are a handful of catering establishments which have been fiercely contested in a Europe-wide tender process.

The Kanne Group also participated in this tender and was able to captivate the committees with its concept for the large restaurant (the “Restaurant of the Continents”) on the ground floor.

Modern architecture and interior design adapted to the city palace, coupled with a range of food and drinks in which all groups of guests to the Humboldt Forum can find something they like, will probably open the doors for all forum visitors from summer 2020.

In addition to different room concepts within the restaurant, which allow a versatile and individual use, there will also be two large outdoor terraces. One will welcome its guests in the “Schlüterhof” within the building structure and the other outside the complex in the direction of the Spree.

In culinary terms, the standard menu offers a composition of international dishes, partly designed as “crossover” cuisine. These are joined by changing action cards, which are also intended to underline the themes of the exhibitions taking place in the Humboldt Forum.

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