Kanne Group builds hotel and grill house

Kanne Group invests 150 million euro

Heede. The warehouse is almost finished, the screed flows onto the hotel construction site, the grill house and the new roasting plant are in planning. The Kanne Group is expanding its site at the restaurant “Kannelloni” in the Green Energy Park on the A 31 in Heede.

Company boss, Hermann Kanne, put the current investment volume for the next projects at the headquarters alone at ten million euros on Thursday during a visit by the Danish ambassador, Friis Arne Petersen, to Germany. According to Kanne, the hotel has a capacity of 72 beds. Offices for the Kanne architects will be created in the upper part of the building, which will be connected to the restaurant. The corporate group has made a name for itself, especially in hospital catering, but is now also working on other international business fields on a large scale. NOZ Article (Emsländische Kanne Group invests 150 million euros)

Part of a hotel chain

As Kanne further explained, the hotel will be part of a planned chain that will trade under the name of “Fasson” and will be established nationwide. In this context, the businessman reported on a cooperation with a hotel management school in The Hague, The Netherlands, who are to come to Heede for part of their training and also live there.

On the other side of the restaurant building, the extension of a grill house and the construction of the company’s own roasting plant are planned. According to Kanne, the hotel, grill house and roasting plant will be completed by November 2019. The time schedule for the logistics hall is much tighter. The building with high-bay storage should be usable in four weeks. As Kanne, from whom further ideas literally bubbled out during the ambassador’s visit, indicated, further projects are being planned at the site, but are not yet ready to be decided upon. NOZ article (raw coffee from all over the world is roasted in Heede)


Experiences in Washington and Beijing

Gitta Connemann, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, a graduate economist, who has been in Berlin for three years and has diplomatic experience in Washington and Beijing, had come to Emsland at the invitation of Gitta Connemann, member of the German Bundestag for the CDU. She wants to see first hand what makes a region successful. The Kanne company is an excellent example of this. . “After all, the success of a region depends on whether the economy can establish itself,” said Connemann. In this context, policymakers and administrations should act according to the motto “make things possible, don’t prevent them”.

The mayor of Dörpen, Hermann Wocken (CDU), emphasised the importance of the model of the joint municipality (SG). The maxim for the SG Dörpen and its nine member municipalities is and remains that each and every one of them must be able to develop in terms of housing construction and business settlement. “We’re not going to lose any part of the town. Here we play an outstanding role in the Emsland region,” Wocken stressed.

High level of identification and location loyalty

First councillor Martin Gerenkamp emphasised that there are more than 15,000 businesses in the Emsland region, of which more than 90 percent are small and medium-sized and often family-run. The high level of identification and loyalty to the location are the key to success. “If we want to keep the people in the villages, we have to have local jobs,” Gerenkamp stressed.

Petersen showed that he was “really impressed” by the developments that could be achieved with a company-friendly policy. Not least in view of the political developments in the USA and the imminent withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union, it is also fundamentally important for a small country like Denmark to have a strong partner at its side like Germany.

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