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Restaurant Kannelloni: The lounge in the Klinik Floridsdorf sets new quality standards

Article from the DFZ - Die Floridsdorfer Zeitung (Floridsdorfer newspaper), published in November 2019

The new hospital will be a great place for everyone to have a lavish meal!

In the new North Hospital on Brünner Strasse, not only new medical standards are to be set, but also culinary ones. The Floridsdorfer team of the restaurant Kannelloni wants to ensure that is the case.

Just above the main entrance is the newly opened restaurant: It seems modern, chic and cosy at first glance! Definitely not a typical hospital locale. "We deliberately wanted to create a more appealing ambience here than is usual in hospitals. Our guests, no matter whether they are staff or visitors, should be able to take a pleasant short break with us," says manager Will Odwarka. The company has many years of experience in Germany and has opened its first location in Austria in the 21st district. Growth is planned.

And when the Floridsdorfer, who has seen the whole world as a manager, speaks about guests, he means everyone: "We want to invite all of Floridsdorf to come to us. Kannelloni is a restaurant that is located in a hospital, but is also an excellent place for business lunches or private meetings. So it is more than a hospital restaurant. The Kannelloni is a place to meet and a place for well-being!"

The kitchen in Kannelloni is also firmly in Floridsdorf's hands: Peter has travelled the oceans as a cook and now wants to cook for the guests in his home country: "We offer excellent quality at reasonable prices."

The Kannelloni wants to be the most beautiful hospital lounge in Vienna and there is a lot on offer: Biscuits come from Joseph Brot, there is great Italian ice cream and a coffee roastery. Daily lunch menus are offered, with Peter relying on local classics such as goulash and minced meat roast.

In the future there will be more local products and wine tastings. Catering is also possible. The Kannelloni is a secret tip! Open: Mon. to Fri.: 7.30 am to 7.00pm, Sat. Sun. & holidays: 10.00am - 5.00pm.


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