Kanne Aktuelles

New Kanne Café in the emergency hospital in Berlin

After a short but very intensive construction phase, the completely redesigned Kanne Café in the emergency hospital in Berlin has reopened its doors to its guests.

The café, as well as the entire rear area, was completely gutted and updated to reflect the current state of a modern hospital café with completely new infrastructure and furnishings.

Much more space for an attractive presentation of goods as well as an extra pizza and ice cream station now encourage guests to buy and linger. A balanced range of shop products also gives patients and visitors to the hospital the opportunity to purchase everyday items.

A new table tracking system has also been installed. The guest orders and then pays at the counter, receives a table tracker and can sit down at any table. The table tracker shows the service staff exactly where they have to place the respective order. Thus the guest does not have to wait for his meal and can already choose his place without any worries.

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