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New and modern catering concept in Hannover Medical School

The latest concept of the Kanne Group named “Kannelloni Food Market” at the Hannover Medical School now presents itself in a modern and contemporary design concept.

Within the multi-week renovation, the seat places were modified at first into a bright and modern café & bistro concept while employees, patients and visitors could still buy food and beverages at the sales area. After the sales area was being rebuilt due to the new concept it became a harmonious mixture of classic kitchen and industrial design which gets most of its character from the generous product presentation.

The guests of Kannelloni Food Market are now going to be spoiled by cold high-quality snacks and warm dishes using traditional Italian recipes. That includes the fresh and crispy classic Italian pizza in different variations which are warmed up in front of the guests.

As an additional highlight we integrated the ice concept Giovanni L. that offers high-quality ice cream consumption.

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