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Green coffee from all over the world is being roasted in Heede

One coffee is not like another. This is well-known to Joshua Gnoth, operating manager and roast master of the Kanne Rösterei in Heede, Germany. The company roasts since 2015 about 50 tons of coffee per year.

“We mostly use fair traded organic coffee”, says Joshua. The coffee beans are from little organic farms from all around the world. The beans are being imported directly from Mexico, Peru, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea to our roast house in Heede. According to Joshua, about 70 percent the hospital cafés are provided by Kanne. The other 30 percent are produced for the restaurant Kannelloni, delivered to further local gastronomies and from the online shop.

At the foot of the Mount Kilimanjaro

“We are buying especially from carefully selected farms. That means in particular that we know exactly from which farm our coffee is coming from”, says Joshua. The company has connected its network over a hamburger coffee trader.

Joshua himself was in Tanzania for a week visiting a coffee farm at the foot of the Mount Kilimanjaro, with 5.895 m the highest massif of Africa. There he wanted personally to get an idea of the production from rearing the coffee tree to harvesting the coffee beans. Joshua also wanted to get another feeling and appreciation towards the coffee. “I furthermore saw how much work is behind it.” He determined that behind every single working step is hard handwork. “Just the beans are transported by a farm tractor.”

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