Kanne Rösterei



The Kanne Coffee Roasting business will start operations in Heede/ Germany in the beginning of 2015, as a company of the Kanne Group. Only the best green coffee is used to produce the selection of our gourmet coffee end products.

Green Coffee Roasting

Quite naturally, the organic green coffee as well as all our other green coffee is purchased from little plantations, which attach great importance to quality and sustainability. Our coffee qualities from Peru, Uganda, Mexico, India, Guatemala, Columbia, Indonesia, and additional exclusive and plantation coffees are roasted using drum roasting methods in Heede, Germany. With this method, our coffee is roasted at 160 to 220 degrees Celsius during a long roasting process.

In order to be able to present our clients with specially selected coffee we also purchase special coffee which is available in limited amounts only. You can enjoy and acquire our coffee qualities at our Coffee Roasting location in Heede, Germany. In addition, we would love to supply you through our mail order business, where you can purchase high quality coffee at minimal costs.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our roasting house in Heede. We are here for you!

More information to come in December 2014…