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for gastronomy, nursing homes, housing areas, clinics, and the hotel industry. Turnkey ready real estate concepts result in financial advantages and create opportunities for a long-lasting partnership: The customer’s as well as our ideas and experience flow into the planning process. All work connected to planning and organizing- always in consensus with respective decision makers- is carried out by the Kanne Group. Since the Kanne Group assumes responsibility for the investment, the client has more operational leeway for their main business.


The moment we enter a room we sense whether we like it or not. This so called “perceived atmosphere” cannot be controlled by our conscious mind. This is the knowledge our furnishing specialists have and apply. The cafés are built according to the Kanne Group‘s turnkey ready concept and are inherently consistent due to the successful mix of warm colors, subdued lighting and upscale furnishings. Entering and feeling good. That is the goal- and the result.


Entrance areas which are not only presentable, but also decorate the building and are customer oriented due to the service facilities within the area: We develop new and individual concepts for the usage of entry areas in hospitals; this is where patients and guests are offered modern services under one roof. In addition to information and patient admission, further establishments such as a hospital café, shops, a barber, a flower shop, an “office for rent”, ATMs, offices of insurance companies etc. can be located in this area. When newly constructed or refurbished, the concept resembles one of a modern hotel lobby. Tailored to a clinic’s specific needs, all-round service is offered for patients and visitors 365 days a year. The Kanne Group comprehensively supports you throughout this project- from planning and financing to operating. Your hospital is upgraded immensely: No matter if it is a 2.000 sqm project as with the Dr. Horst Schmidt Clinic in Wiesbaden, Germany, or if it is a smaller object- we would enjoy upgrading your building.


From investment, to project development and planning, construction and furnishing, up until the operation of the hotel- the Kanne Group handles the whole value chain. Projects of this size and complexity require knowledge and experience of specialists, which is exactly the hotel competence that is to be found within our team. Each partner belongs to the best and most experienced within their specific branch. In our hotels, service orientation and quality of equipment represent the highest priority. Skilled staff is optimally trained to be aware of the guests’ needs. Everything is just right- from the ambience in guest rooms, to food, to a friendly and competent team.

Project Examples

Entry Hall of the Dr.-Horst-Schmidt-Clinics (Wiesbaden/Germany)

After a construction time of only eight months, the building operations in the entry hall of the HSK were completed. The entry hall, receiving positive resonance, offers attractive products and services to patients, visitors and employees. The old entry hall was enlarged by about 700 sqm resulting in 2.000 sqm of space for patient admission, reception and service establishments. Visitors are welcomed by a medical supply store, a flower shop, a small retail store, a barber shop, and last but not least a café/ restaurant with 100 seats. The HSK’s management was convinced of the Kanne Groups’ competence due to the coherent overall concept.

Reconstruction of the Children's Hospital „Zwerg Nase“ (Wiesbaden/Germany)

The children’s hospital offers a broad range of services, optimally tailored to families with disabled and chronically ill children. The exterior with its clear construction which is broken up by colorful accents on its facade signalizes: “It is beautiful here, I fell at ease, I am in good hands here”. Bright and friendly rooms, big play areas, an aquarium, a slide, a spacious balcony and a playground create a cozy, comforting atmosphere, similar to one of a vacation. The special attribute: a homely environment (instead of a rather clinical atmosphere), without having to compromise on medical coverage through competent medical care, available at any time. Many of these families are involved in caring and nursing their children daily and thus, often lack the time to maintain relationships with family and friends. Here, they are offered relief and help in order to have a little more time for themselves and their other children.

Hotel von Euch

The Hotel von Euch in Meppen, Germany, builds on longstanding family tradition, offering guests a very special stay with a high degree of comfort and hospitality. Rooms are equipped with modern and comfortable furniture, there is a high-class restaurant with a bar, a sunny outdoor terrace, conference rooms for up to 150 people as well as a wellness area, offering all conveniences of a modern city hotel. The hotel is situated in the historic city center of Meppen in short walking distance of tourist attractions and commercial shops. A variety of excursion possibilities as well as the rivers Ems or Hase, are ideal for different activities around the area. Cars can be parked in an attached underground parking garage. No matter if on business trip or conferences, on holiday with the family or here for festivities- guests enjoy their stay at Hotel von Euch.