Kanne Hotel



The Kanne Group manages and controls the entire value chain from the investment to project development and planning, to construction and full furnishing up until the hotel’s entry into operations. Projects of this dimension and complexity require the knowledge and experience of specialists- this is exactly the hotel competence that is brought together by our team. Every partner is one of the best and most experienced within their respective field of business. Service orientation and finest equipment quality form our priority when it comes to our hotels. Trained staff is prepared to adequately tender to customer needs. Everything is just perfect here- from the ambience in guest rooms, to food, to a friendly and competent team. The Kanne Group develops, plans and operates hotels in the traditional and innovative 2-4 star segment all over Germany.


Concepts – Consulting

During the first phase of project development, the Kanne Group offers all-round hotel-specific consulting up until the illustration of market-ready and successful concepts.

Planning – Furnishing – Investment

Upon the client’s request and/ or commission (also modular), the Kanne Group always runs projects from a holistic perspective, contributing own ideas or those of the suggested architect. The Kanne Group also maintains partnerships with their own, carefully selected associates for turnkey ready furnishing of the hotels and if requested, takes care of the whole or in part overall setup of the hotel’s interior as well as exterior. When required, the Kanne Group invests in hotel complexes on selected sites, no matter if the object is fully used as a hotel or whether it is a mixed use property. Every suggestion for interesting hotel locations is investigated thoroughly and right away. Upon request, the inquirer receives location specific descriptions of the profiles.

Operation – Marketing – Sales

Hotel management- along with it the field of sales and marketing- is solely controlled by the Kanne Group and its subsidiaries.


Transition as Opportunity

The German heath care system currently is in the stage of transition. Nowadays, hospitals strongly compete with each other. Medical competence as well as high quality and efficiency in various areas are all highly demanded factors. New concepts turn such circumstances into opportunities. With that, a modern (patient) hotel with affordable investment and low costs create an advantage for clinics by positively contributing to service and economic efficiency.

Strategy "Customer Loyalty"

Besides reducing costs and increasing efficiency, it is also about being more attractive as the (clinic) competitors and strengthen the patients’ loyalty to the clinic. To achieve this, the (patient) clinic offers strong arguments:

  • Equipment and ambience
  • New, personal service culture and diverse offers
  • Profitable synergy effects
  • Increased efficiency
  • New sources of revenue due to extended medically-related range of services as well as specialist conferences and special gastronomy
  • Substantial image improvement
  • Marketing advantage due to increased competitiveness
  • Innovative concept at affordable investments

Tripple Cheers!

The advantages of a (patient) hotel are just as obvious as they are convincing. All parties involved benefit:

The Patients
In a (patient) hotel especially patients with low care requirements (or those who underwent ambulant surgery) experience a high degree of privacy, homeliness and high-quality service. At this point, service and safety of a clinic are merged with the comfort of a three to four star hotel.

The Hospital
(Patient) hotels help reducing full daily cost including accommodation and catering by at least one third. Professional staff can exclusively focus on their medical tasks. Risks of investment, finance and operation are calculable from the very beginning. New target groups are won while existing target groups are addressed with a new approach.

The Health Insurance Company
Insurance companies have content members and participate in the innovative approach of sustainably decreasing expenditures. Simultaneously, they support the concept in a dynamic way because they will be able to offer new optional products in the near future.