Kanne Catering



Just like an extraordinary dish, Kanne Catering consists of many distinctive ingredients. The art is to handle the ingredients optimally and serve them freshly to our guest. We are looking to fascinate our guests, no matter if they are enjoying a meal in one of our cafés, the community catering within a company, in retirement homes, or hospitals. We will convince you with our diverse culinary offers and make service come alive for you. We can only reach this goal by building and maintaining a strong partnership with our clients based on honesty, trust and mutual respect. Along with our partners we would like to become your partner and support you with your specific assignment. Collectively with our highly qualified employees, we would like to develop and contribute ideas, with that, turning into an essential key success factor for our clients.

Company Catering

Staff catering first and foremost provides: sensory pleasure and quality! By presenting new culinary trends, a classy dish of the day, or various initiatives such as Front-Cooking, we would like to enchant your employees and leave them with positive impressions. When it comes to a guest’s diet, we know no compromise because we are aware of our responsibility for our guests’ and clients’ well-being. Our quality standards run through every step of the process from planning, to purchase, up until a meal is placed on the guest’s plate.

What we offer:

  • We operate your (staff) restaurant
  • Cafés/ Cafeterias/ Shops
  • Vending machine service
  • Conference service
  • Special events
  • Storey service/ Tea kitchen
  • Planning and Finance

Elder Citizens and Health

Patients and residents are always in the focus of our attention. The kitchen in hospitals as well as retirement homes is a very important feature. Good and healthy food supports the therapy and contributes to the well-being and recovery of patients and residents. Our highly qualified staff members such as nutritional counselors prepare each (special) diet. Your employees also ought to feel comfortable during their breaks for breakfast, lunch or dinner in order to draw strength for mastering their tasks. Every day anew, we would like to pamper your patients, residents, employees and visitors with attractively and nutritionally composed dishes. Needless to say, regionality as well as seasonality both play significant roles.

HACCP – Conzept / Food Hygiene

With our HACCP- concept, an efficient internal control system is in place, ensuring highest food and hygiene safety within the entire production process. Audits as well as training of our employees are conducted on a regular basis and document the whole production process continuously.

Our guiding principles:

  • Fresh products, regional whenever possible
  • Products of sustainable agriculture and fair trade
  • Seasonal offers
  • Well balanced dishes
  • Sparing preparation
  • Limited use of salt and sugar; fresh herbs and seasoning
  • Premium oils and fats