Kanne Cafe



As an investor, furnisher, and operator we can look back on longstanding experience and therewith, offer you a mature and well-engineered system. In concrete terms: the lessor provides respective premises or acreage while we carry the investments. From planning to realization and effective management- all originates from a single and experienced source. A pleasantly decorated and service oriented café tremendously enhances the image of any estate.

Future-Looking Gastronomy Concepts


We built a renowned reputation in sophisticated, high-class gastronomy with our future-looking café concepts. Our café concept is a “concept of the senses”, with the customer being the center of our attention. Tendered dishes and beverages, an excellent service culture which is embraced and implemented, as well as the harmonic ambience allow for the guest’s well-being and contentment. Whether Food “to go” or “on site” and no matter which time of day: We always keep ready an extensive and diversified assortment of fresh and healthy products. Thereby, we continuously surprise our guests with new and innovative ideas. Furthermore, a variety of Food and Non-Food- Products such as snacks, sweets, fruits, newspapers and magazines, as well as gift items and toiletries are offered by the affiliated Shop.



We enjoy preparing something special for our guests. True to our slogan “We live service”, we set out to not only delight our guests and ourselves with our service, but also exceed expectations. We do justice to this ambitious standard by pairing qualified and motivated employees with carefully selected products.

Quality on the highest level

The quality of dishes and beverages depends on several factors: raw material, processing, producers, suppliers. As for the Kanne Group, we can build on the reliability of long-term partners in such matters. Speaking proverbially, one can trust, but also needs to verify. Therefore, every delivery is closely examined on its freshness and quality, considering common hygiene regulations in addition to conforming to strict definitions of the HACCP. When it comes to meats and sausages, dairy products, or fruits and vegetables, regional products are preferred in order to guarantee freshness. Short routes of transportation correspond with our idea of sustainable operational management, according to the dictum “Avoiding is better than recycling”.